People have some pretty spectacular ideas: Jim Henson imagined The Muppets and forever changed the conversation we have children. Someone discovered that a national public radio station would make everyone, everywhere, feel connected by our commonality. And then there is the internet, which created an utter revolution.

I like working on those big idea projects–the ones that will make us all examine our beliefs more thoroughly, or act with greater intention, or influence a smarter action. I like working on projects that make us all a better humankind. To me, there is unequivocal social good in translating ideas so that everyone can see their potential.

Maybe that means I’ll always be at the edge of things, working for people, for ideas, for the right to always inspire change.

But if you ask me, that’s where all the adventure begins anyway.

My name is Ashley and I’m here to do big things. Let’s go.